These empowerment workshops are designed to help you gain more self awareness.  They provide you with tools to help empower you towards growing your self confidence and self worth.


The Spiritual Self workshops are designed to help you become aware of, and to grow, your intuitive abilities. They also provide an understanding of the soul’s journey and offer tools for connection to your own spiritual guidance. 


Empowerment Workshops:          

Discovering yourself               Cost Per Person.      $90         Duration  2.5 hours
Topics covered include:
Self First; values; slowing down;
Questioning beliefs; Heart space
Connection and Meditation

Knowing yourself                    Cost Per Person.      $90         Duration  2.5 hours
Topic covered include
Fear of Loss; connecting to
Inner child; simplifying your
Life; Feeling Safe and Heart space

Empowering yourself              Cost Per Person.      $100       Duration  3.5 hours
Topics covered include
Comparisons; Boundaries
Body Re-association;
Vocabulary; Listening and
Communicating skills;
Anger management and
Heart space meditations



Spiritual Self Workshops:


Total Cost:  $240 per person.  Each class duration is 3.5 hours


Class 1:

Topics Covered include:

Intuitive Development; Connecting to energy;

Understanding the soul journey; Connecting to

your spiritual guidance


Class 2:

Topics Covered include:

Healing the Self, Interconnectivity;

Understanding soul families; Soul contracts;

Past lives regression




For upcoming dates for these workshops contact Gurjit directly through the contact page.