About Gurjit


I am a Master Therapeutic Counsellor (MTC) a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC) and  also a Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt).  Having been a therapist for over 14 years, I am a trauma specialist and skilled in many counselling modalities as well as regression therapy and somatic therapy. 


My reason for moving into this healing profession was at first to help myself heal and grow from the trauma of emotional and mental abuse, childhood sexual abuse and subsequent physical illnesses and behavioural issues.  Through these personal experiences I am now able to work with others with empathy, compassion and authenticity.


I understand the strength and courage it takes to not only admit you have a problem but also to be willing to ask for help.


If you have experienced, or are currently experiencing, any trauma or challenges, please contact me through my contact page.


I look forward to working with you on the next chapter of your journey.


Gurjit M