Our conscious mind is aware of what is happening in any given moment, but only remembers certain things. Our subconscious mind, however, is aware of everything that we have ever experienced in our lifetime, and it is this part that is worked with in hypnosis.


The subconscious mind can help provide us with the root cause of any of our emotional, mental, physical or behavioural issues.


In hypnosis you are guided into a deeply relaxed state where your conscious mind steps aside so a connection can be made directly with the subconscious. You are not asleep and are still aware of everything that is happening.  In fact, you are in control of how deep you go and of what suggestions are accepted.  


As a certified hypnotherapist, I can help guide you through past trauma’s and any emotional, mental and behavioural issues.





Hypnotherapy certification:


Suenta Health also provides certification to become a hypnotherapist.   The course is approved by the International Hypnosis Association, who also provide accreditation once successfully completed.


Please contact me for details on upcoming courses.