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Suenta Health Academy currently offers hypnotherapy training.  Plans are underway to offer other intuitive and self discovery courses.

With the hypnosis program, not only will you learn the techniques of hypnosis but you will also learn the tools to provide therapy/counselling to help someone overcome any emotional, mental and behavioural issues whilst they are in hypnosis.  Note: This program does not certify you as a counsellor.

I believe one of the primary characteristics of someone who wants to enter the healing field must be authenticity.   This is not just about honesty and integrity but about being willing to experience first-hand whatever it is that you will be asking others to do for their own growth and healing.   Going through your own self discovery and growth brings forward true empathy and compassion for those you work with.

Suenta Health Academy’s hypnotherapy program not only teaches the techniques of hypnotherapy but involves the students going through their own growth and healing first by utilizing both counselling and hypnosis tools.  This gives the student an ability to make positive changes in their own lives and an in-depth understanding of what their clients will also experience.     Therefore, only those who are committed to their own growth and healing as well as having the deep desire to help others should apply for this program.

This program’s curriculum has been approved by the International Hypnosis Association (IHA) and it is this association that provides accreditation for the graduates of this program.


 The program can be completed through either:

 3 week intensive program  OR

 Weekend program  -  Sat-Sun   9am to 5pm (7 alternating weekends)


Total Cost: $2500*

 *does not include association membership


 Please contact Gurjit directly for further information and for scheduled program dates