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Therapy can be defined as a remediation of a health/mental health problem.
Hypnosis is the delivery method used to administer therapy.

Hypnotherapy is known to be one of the fastest and most effective forms of therapy.

When carried out by a professionally trained and skilled hypnotherapist, the benefits are long lasting and often permanent


How does Hypnosis work?

Our subconscious is aware of every detail of what has happened to us in our soul journey and it is this part that is worked with in hypnosis. The subconscious provides answers related to the root cause of any emotional, mental, physical and behavioural issues that are being, or have been experienced.  

Hypnotherapy helps discover the root cause of an issue much faster than counselling alone and therefore symptoms being experienced can be reduced or eliminated quickly. This is however dependent upon each individual and how they allow themselves to understand the purpose of the root cause and the lessons connected to them. 

In hypnosis you are guided into a deeply relaxed state where your conscious mind steps aside so a connection can be made with the subconscious. You are not asleep and your conscious mind is still aware of everything that is happening. In fact you are in control of how deep you go and what suggestions are accepted. 

As the hypnotherapist, I am just a guide for you in your own healing.

Hypnotherapy can help with any emotional, mental or behavioural issues. However, it can also help with genetic or physical issues i.e. disease, allergies, weight management, ADD/ADHD as well as many others.


Cost per session $80