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 There are many types of energy on our planet.

The higher vibrational (light) energies are the ones that help connect us to our heart and can bring up calmness and peace within us.  These energies can be around us and within us when we have (or are surrounded by) love, happiness, calmness etc.

There are also lower vibrational (dark) energies that can cause imbalance within us by bringing down the energy vibrations within our bodies. This can result in the rising of negative emotions and behaviours such as stress, anger or fear.  The more negative the energy, the darker and heavier it is and the more likely it can bring out negative behaviours such as aggression, depression etc.   All this can also lead to diminished personal growth and success for those involved.  When considering the negativity being carried on a global scale, it is not surprising that the lower vibrational energies are also affecting all organic life on our planet such as animals, nature, etc.

Where do these darker, heavier energies come from? 

They come primarily from us humans; from any negative emotions that are allowed to remain and grow.  For example, in a home where there is or has been any type of fighting, manipulation, abuse or trauma, the vibrations of negative emotions such as anger, stress, fear or shame will be felt by everyone and everything in that home. These will be carried or held onto until they are released.  If these types of energies continue to remain, they can grow so heavy that they feel like they have become an entity unto themselves.  

One Universal law is that ‘Like attracts like.’ This is the case with all types of energy vibrations.   If there is dark energy present in a building, a vehicle, or a piece of land, similar energies will be attracted to it.  These energies can come in the form of humans with similar negative emotions or dark spiritual energies.  Either one will increase the negativity.  There are also spiritual energies that are not dark that may linger around people or places.  These also need to be released so they can find peace.

The dark energies will not just go away, they need to be released and then transmuted into lighter energy so they cannot affect or connect to other beings or places.  The area must be replaced with lighter, higher vibrational energies and this, in turn will attract similar lighter energy.  This is called Clearing. 

When you move into a new home or building it is important to clear any energies that still linger from people who have inhabited the place before you, or if a brand new home or building, to clear the premises and the land it stands on. 

Through my work and with the help of my spiritual guidance, I have cleared many homes, buildings, vehicles, forests/ parks and land as well as people and animals, and helped release all types of energies. 

Please contact me if you have any concerns about energies around you or would like help with any clearings.