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Suenta Health provides counselling services to individuals and couples who are facing or struggling with personal, relationship or professional issues.  As a counsellor, I can help support you through these issues by listening to your concerns and help you to find your own solutions to overcome them.  I can also help you:

  • Find relief from any symptoms being experienced
  • Improve self-confidence and self esteem
  • Use new skills to help reduce emotionally intense feelings
  • Resolving communication issues
  • Empower yourself
  • Have a better relationship with yourself

I act as a guide to help you with your own healing.  The self-awareness that this process brings up for you is where the true growth, healing and self-empowerment begins.


What can counselling help you with?

Although any type of emotional, mental and behavioural issues can be worked through with both counselling and hypnosis, some of the most common are:

 Trauma                                                 PTSD/CPTSD

 Sexual Abuse                                       Domestic Violence

 Anger Management                           Addictions

 Anxiety/Panic Disorders                     Depression

 Grief & Loss


Cost per session:     $80 individual          $130 Couples


 Support Groups:

The advantage of attending a group is the support members can provide each other as well as learning new skills and techniques.    Members can help each other with encouragement and mentoring.  Sometimes, just knowing that you are not alone in what you are going through helps provide the strength and courage to face your concerns.  The support groups offered include both therapy and psycho-educational services.  



Please contact Gurjit directly for a list of upcoming workshops such as Patient Parenting; Overcoming emotional attachment; Self Awareness and others.